Troubleshooting, Repair and Replacement

With the boom in biomass boilers resulting from the RHI, we’ve seen a large number of sites where sub-optimal solutions have been put forward by inexperienced installers. Where projects have made it from the drawing board and into the plant room, there can be a range of consequences for the owner.

At the very least these can be poorly performing or inefficient boiler systems, resulting in lower than anticipated cost savings and RHI income, and higher fuel consumption and maintenance. More extreme examples include fuel stores which hold only a fraction of their anticipated volume, poorly installed district heating mains, and in several examples, the rapid deterioration of major boiler components. We’ve also seen a number of projects where the overall installation has been downright dangerous, and in several cases, illegal.

If you’ve been left in the lurch with an underperforming system, or feel that an installer used your project to learn the ropes, you may find our troubleshooting services useful. Using our own staff and associates with long and proven careers in the industry, we’ll take responsibility for making a system work for you.

Just as many problems arise from poor quality and out-of-specification woodfuel, and the re:heat team has experience in establishing and managing supply chains from waste wood and forestry material. It also helps that our team wrote the UK’s standard training course on woodfuel production, and have helped a considerable proportion of the UK’s woodfuel suppliers with market entry and business improvement.

Obviously, it’s better to get it right from the start, which is why we can also install a boiler or manage the procurement process of the right system or fuel for the task, acting as your agent. You can read about these services elsewhere on our website.

Our individual and collective reputations are important to us, as is that of the industry as a whole. Our team have been working to support the biomass standards agenda for almost two decades, and have worked on review and troubleshooting projects for clients as diverse as the NHS and traditional estates. Some recent commissions include carrying out a £350,000 refurbishment of a 91 building district heating scheme for a social housing provider, and rectifying multiple faults with health sector projects as a precursor to securing RHI accreditation.

Boiler Replacement

It’s a sad fact, but many biomass boilers in the UK have been installed incorrectly, either to the wrong specification or having unrealistic demands placed upon them. We’ll always try to resolve issues for clients and have worked with farms and estates, the NHS, urban and rural local authorities, community trusts and private householders, but on some occasions we see installations where the only option is to start again with the correctly specified equipment.

Replacing boilers can also allow applications to RHI to be made, changing the whole economic balance of biomass as a heating system. It may make financial sense to replace and then take advantage of the incentives available.

Please get in touch if there are issues with the system you have installed. Our experience and expertise will allow us to give you an honest appraisal of what’s wrong and the best way of getting your biomass heating project back on track.