The re:heat team have a long and successful track record of devising and delivering training courses for the woodfuel industry, and continue to be actively involved in improving the skills and knowledge of our partners and clients.

Way back in 2004, the re:heat team were responsible for developing and delivering the Ignite woodfuel training programme, which is now delivered across the UK by RDI Associates. The Ignite programme was the first ever accredited programme in any aspect of the woodfuel industry, and won a National Training Award for ‘industry responsiveness’ in 2006. At about the same time, we produced the “Biomass Sector Skills Analysis” for the UK government, which continues to inform investment in skills and training across the industry.

More recently, we’ve been invited to chair the pan-European Wood Energy Training Network (WETNet for short), which is developing a core curriculum for woodfuel entrepreneurs in Europe. This 2 year, EU-funded project, will also involve members of the re:heat team participating in developing and then delivering high level training for woodfuel industry trainers.

We’ve also delivered many CPD sessions, seminars and technical papers over the years and have spoken at conferences and events in the US, Finland, Austria, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Estonia and Australia, as well as from one end of the UK to the other.

If you feel that a training course would be the best way for you, your company or group to get to grips with any aspect of woodfuel production or use, please get in touch. We’d be only too happy to pull together a tailored package that meets your needs, and may be able to help you unlock grant support along the way. We also have access to state-of-the-art facilities at the Schiedel factory on Tyneside, which you can read about here.