Consultancy and Research

Ben describing biomass boiler system at Minsteracres

We take a thorough and detailed approach to our consultancy and research assignments. Using our extensive knowledge of the woodfuel sector and networks from within the UK and further afield, we offer a comprehensive range of research and consultancy services. Past assignments have ranged from identifying the best available technologies for particular applications, through to researching current policies affecting the industry, economic impact assessments, and a wide variety of consultancy commmissions which all relate to the industry that we’re so passionate about. Our clients include traditional estates, government bodies, private companies and third sector organisations, and our staff have delivered research contracts for public sector clients in the UK, EU, Georgia, Namibia, Ghana, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, the USA and even Antarctica!

We know nobody really likes a consultant, and the process of employing one is sometimes described as “paying someone to tell you the time, with them using your own watch to do it”.  It’s no surprise that it’s something of a dirty word.  That said, a good consultant will bring something to your business or project that was missing before.  Perhaps this is a different perspective on solving a particular problem, a fresh pair of eyes to a process you are sure could work better, or just knowledge of the latest developments in the industry to help you keep ahead of the competition.

We like to think we’re this kind of consultancy, and because we specialise 100% in biomass energy, we’re relying on our own proven experiences at the cutting edge of the industry to deliver solutions and support.

Each of the key individuals in our team have been delivering specialist advice and consultancy support in the field of biomass, forestry and wood-fired boiler systems for well over a 15 years, and as a consequence are genuine (rather than Google) experts.  Our previous clients have included local and national government bodies across the UK, the Forestry Commission in England, Scotland and Wales, traditional estates, private companies and EU-funded research and development projects.  We’ve also worked on many commissions overseas, including in New Zealand, Finland, the former Soviet republic of Georgia and the US.  We’ve worked on multiple contracts for the EU, and even undertook a feasibility study looking at the use of waste wood packaging for heating the McMurdo Base and South Pole Station in Antarctica.McMurdo Antarctic Station

Our consultancy support is honest and to the point.  We won’t skirt around the real issues and will rapidly identify problems before highlighting workable solutions. Our previous commissions have resulted in the suspension and review of safety-critical training programmes which we found unfit for purpose, and have brought about major changes in the way biomass market intervention programmes were delivered.

If you have a project you would like us to support you with, whether it’s reviewing an underperforming installation or producing a business plan for market entry, please contact us or browse our case studies to see how we’ve helped others.