Fuel and Heat Supply


re:heat’s experience extends into the boiler room but remains firmly rooted in the forest. The team at re:heat start all projects with the most costly part of any project – the fuel you put into the boiler. We never under-estimate the importance of fuel selection and ensure that our clients fully understand what they are taking on board when they buy a wood-fired boiler.  We’re here to help and offer a full range of services to make sure you have cost-effective fuel – or even help you to buy what you actually want to buy – which is more than likely affordable, low-carbon heat!

Over the lifetime of a biomass boiler installation the most costly aspect of the project will often be the most overlooked – the fuel. Which is why we start all of our projects by investigating and understanding the fuel that you’re going to use, then design the system from there.  But not all of our customers want to get involved in the woodfuel supply chain – why should they?  We’ve always said that it’s best that you focus on what you do best – from running a care home through to processing seaweed – and we’ll do what we do best – manage biomass installations and arrange woodfuel supplies.

When it comes to fuel production, the team at re:heat quite literally wrote the manual. We’ve been involved with supporting fuel suppliers since 2005 and in 2007 won a National Training Award for the ignite woodfuel training course – a programme of training focussed on fuel suppliers that continues to be the main woodfuel supply training course in the UK.

Today, we offer a range of services and products which are designed to ease the burden of owning and managing a biomass boiler: we can advise you on producing your own fuel from your own resources – from waste wood to virgin forest woodchip – through to taking on a fully managed fuel or heat supply contract.  We’ll monitor your use, find you the best prices and make sure your store is topped up.  We can integrate this with our RHI monitoring and servicing packages and offer fixed prices for fully supported serviced, maintained and fuelled biomass boilers.

To find out more about our experience and the services we’ve provided to other customers, please visit the following pages:

  • Rosehill Care Home – how we helped a care home in Carlisle install a 500kW boiler and now manage their fuel procurement.
  • Aberdeen City Council – how we assisted Aberdeen City Council with the design of a wood fuel production facility.
  • Stockport Homes – how we helped an arms-length housing association design a wood fuel depot.
  • Uist Asco – how we helped design and procure a biomass boiler on a Scottish Isle and helped them use their own timber and manage their woodlands.
  • Howick Estate – how we helped a rural estate evaluate their wood fuel resource and plan to produce and supply their own fuel.