Design and Installation

biomass auger installation

At re:heat, we have a wealth of experience in the design and installation of renewable heating technologies –  at sizes ranging from 7kW to several MW.  The core of our offering is our broad and deep understanding of  technology and supply chains, and of the right approach to the design and installation of systems.  Understand why our clients want to decarbonise helps us design and install the best systems we possibly can.

We only supply equipment from manufacturers who engineer proven, high-quality systems to exacting standards.  Appreciating that the equipment from a single manufacturer isn’t necessarily suitable for every application, we will always use our knowledge of global wood energy markets to find the right equipment for your site.

Any heating project, whether it’s using fossil fuels or renewables, needs to be viewed over a different timescale from other investments. After all, it’s usually a critical component in any business – underpinning almost all other activities and processes.  Added to this argument is the 20-year horizon of the Renewable Heat Incentive – if you’re making an investment based on a return over this period, surely you’d want the installation to still deliver for you in year 20?

All our commissions are approached with the intention of maximising cost savings and RHI income over the whole life of a project.  This is done by using best practice design, high quality materials and finishes, and with a craftsman’s eye for the details that often make all the difference between a successful installation500kW ETA wood pellet boiler and years of headaches.  We fully appreciate that this may not deliver the lowest capital cost on day one, but if you’re making the considerable investment associated with a wood-fired boiler project, it’s an approach that will deliver the best results over the long term.

Biomass Steam Boiler
Biomass Plant Room

It’s vital to consider the local fuel supply chain from the outset of any wood-fired boiler project – you’ll only purchase one boiler, but will be buying fuel for decades.  Every installation must take into account the type of fuel available, its particle size, moisture content and other physical characteristics, as well as the means of delivery.  We have particular expertise in this area and will ensure that every project develops with full knowledge and consideration of the fuels available locally on a sustainable basis.