Stockport Homes: Low carbon district heating

The Stockport Homes biomass district heating programme was implemented between 2013 and 2014, and comprises seven separate biomass schemes heating over 2,000 social rented high rise flats.  Stockport Homes purchase 6,000 tonnes of wood chips per year and developed the biomass programme as a wider remit of ECO funded works, including over-cladding and window replacement.

When taken together, the Stockport Homes programme is one of the UK’s largest biomass district heating schemes.

re:heat have been working with Stockport Homes for the past 6 years and in a variety of roles connected to their existing district heating schemes.  Initially, we were brought in to examine the performance and efficiency of the schemes, and to resolve practical and contractual issues associated with their operation.

Hanover Tower Biomass District Heating
Concerns over the cost of operating the various district heating schemes had been expressed politically and in the local media, so we undertook a benchmarking exercise across the seven schemes against UK-wide industry norms, and scoped out how to ensure the contracts that underpin the schemes meet best practices.

Our role has evolved over time, and we have completed a variety of specific commissions for Stockport Homes which have delivered significant improvements in the operation and affordability of their district heating schemes.  We have carried out and then managed the implementation of optimisation studies, specified and then overseen major capital works programmes, and most recently have redesigned the in-building elements of their largest scheme, which has been in continuous operation since the late 1960’s.

Our consultancy team have also secured over £350,000 of central government funding for Stockport Homes via the BEIS Heat Network Efficiency Scheme demonstrator programme.