Rosehill Care Home: 500kW biomass design and installation

Biomass boiler at Rosehill Care Home

We worked with The Henry Lonsdale Trust to provide biomass heating to this large care home on the outskirts of Carlisle.

Care homes are a substantial consumer of heat, with large hot water demands and often all year round heating requirements to ensure residents are comfortable.  We were asked by The Henry Lonsdale Trust to explore the possibility of using biomass to heat Rosehill care home.

Previously using 5 separate oil boilers all reaching the end of their usable lives, the challenge was how to integrate a new, modern wood pellet boiler into the existing heating systems, with the least downtime possible.

Several options were researched, including multiple smaller units in existing plant rooms but the chosen solution was a single ETA Hack500kW pellet system, one of the first of these boilers in the UK.  A bespoke plant room and pellet store were built in the care home grounds and underground heat mains connect all the existing plant rooms back to this new heat source.

Installation of the ETA Biomass Boiler at Rosehill care home

Biomass can offer an excellent solution to the heating requirements of a care home, combining fuel savings with RHI income, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.  The result has delighted John Mallinson, chair of The Henry Lonsdale Charitable Trust.

“We were looking to make the home more sustainable, looking for an environmentally-friendly heating option to make us more competitive in the future” he said.

“The added bonus for us with the biomass boiler is that we have installed something environmentally-friendly which provides us with all the heat and hot water our residents need.

“We’ve also installed a solar farm which gives us our own electricity to use, and when we have a surplus we sell it via the National Grid. Biomass is far more sustainable than oil. We chose re:heat based on their expertise and track record and this has proven to be a great decision.”