Aberdeen City Council: Woodfuel processing hub

Hazlehead Nursery, situated on the western fringes of Aberdeen, served the needs of the city for bedding plants, trees and many other ornamental plants over the years. However, changes in Council procurement in the 1990’s meant plants have been increasingly bought in from external suppliers and the nursery site sits almost completely unused.

Keen to see the site returned to some form of economic activity and avoid the loss of greenspace to housing, the Council turned to re:heat to examine the technical and economic case for the re-purposing of the Hazlehead site for woodfuel processing and supply for Council and other buildings. The site is currently occupied by a skeleton staff and acts as a base for collecting and processing tree material and other green waste from the Council’s own tree and land management operations.

Its strategic location, large areas of hard-standing, good access to the city and the surrounding Council-owned woodlands, make it an ideal location for the establishment of a woodfuel supply centre.