About Us


re:heat is a wood energy company with real-world experience that starts with the growing and processing of woodfuel, through to the specification, installation and operation of wood-fired boilers from 7kW up to 24MW. The background of our team stretches back to the earliest days of the UK wood energy sector, and certainly before the Renewable Heat Incentive made everyone aware of the fact that wood actually burns. Based in Northumberland, we work with clients across the UK – from Thurso in the north, to Penzance in the south – and on a consultancy basis across Europe and occasionally even further afield.

In setting the initial boundaries for what re:heat would do, experience told us that the range of tasks which make a successful boiler installation meant we’d have to offer a diverse range of products and services. At the core of re:heat we provide a specification, design and installation service for wood-fired boilers of all sizes. We are continually expanding this service through a network of experienced heating engineers, predominantly based in the North of England and Scotland. For larger projects or multiple sites we’ll work further afield – even overseas – and although we have a strong relationship with ETA Heiztechnik of Austria, we have seen too many square pegs hammered into round holes to think that one equipment provider can meet the requirements of every customer.

Added to the practical nuts and bolts side of the business, we also offer a range of support services around the various aspects of wood energy. These range from woodfuel production and processing plans for estates and councils, to an internal seminar for sales and managerial staff at the UK’s leading manufacturer of chimney components. We’re a versatile team and have worked on commissions for the Forestry Commission in England, Scotland and Wales, the European Union, New Zealand and US governments, and for many private companies and estates.

Above all, we’re passionate about our industry and will do everything we can to raise standards, increase professionalism and strengthen the role that wood plays in meeting our energy needs both now and in the future, even if that means losing work to the square peg merchants. We hope you like what you read on our site, and if there’s a particular challenge or opportunity you’re looking to tackle, we’d be only too happy to help.