re:heat have had an urgent request from the Scottish Government to monitor the health and robustness of the wood fuel supply chain to meet the heating needs of wood fuel users in Scotland in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
We are gathering opinion from a range of companies involved in the biomass fuel supply chain in Scotland and I’d like to ask for your input to that process. We then collate that information for the Scottish Government to keep them abreast of the state of the market. Ultimately this is to ensure continuity of fuel supply for users dependent on wood fuel – for example there are a number of care homes, hospitals etc which are dependent on either chip or pellet supplies for their heating needs. This process also allows the industry to let government know what help and support is needed.
Can we ask for your input / opinion please, as follows –

  1. Are you aware of any immediate impacts of the Covid 19 outbreak on supply chains, e.g. staff off sick, contractors being denied access to sites, etc.
  2. What impact, if any, do you think the outbreak will have on woodfuel supply chains from the forest to end users? What impact is this having / do you expect it to have on price?
  3. Where do you think there might be any particular pinch points?
  4. What plans are you putting in place to protect your own staff and to ensure business continuity?
  5. Any other useful thoughts or comments?

Please note that this provides an excellent opportunity to let the government know what the industry needs. Please take advantage of this opportunity to support our industry through this difficult time by replying to this consultation request. Participants will be emailed a redacted copy of the memo for information.
Thanks in anticipation of your input. For more information, or to respond to the consultation, please email: