You call that an accumulator tank?

re:heat took delivery of a 40,000litre accumulator tank earlier this week, all part of a 999kW wood fired boiler installation being used to dry seaweed.

Now that’s an accumulator tank….

Delivery recieved for a 40,000litre accumulator tank.

The project which will use innovative drying technology combined with a 999kW biomass boiler, will produce sustainably sourced, dry seaweed for use as a fertiliser. re:heat have been involved with the project from it’s initial concept through the design process, financing and subsequent procurement and presently the on-going project management and delivery of the boiler and equipment to site. We’d be happy to discuss specialist requirements and to provide a similar service, should you be in need of boiler – be it big, small or if you’re looking for advice based on knowledge and experience. Please click here to contact us, or give the office a ring on 01665 665 040